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Welcome to the Website of the Consilium PhilateliŠ HelveticŠ

Who are we ?

1.  The Name

Consilium PhilateliŠ HelveticŠ means "Council of Swiss Philately". "Council" as an entity, "Consilium" as the conference of the Council. So defined Prof. Dr. J. Suter from Zurich, the originator of the name.

2.  Legal Basis and Purpose

The Consilium is not a society nor an entity with the structure and usual duties of our Civil Law. It is an association, a kind of union of philatelists, primarily made up of the former presidents of the Federation of Swiss philatelic societies. It sets its sights particularly on maintaining their friendship and on providing its members' experience to Swiss philately in general and especially the Federation and official bodies of Swiss Post; this as proposals or suggestions in a selfless way. Common opinion would want Consilium to be a discret social gathering out of Fedration organs or members. The Consilium is self sufficient. It does not wish or need any conspicuous mercantile business, interfere in any manner into the activities of the Federation or its organs. As far as possible it is however at the disposal of interested circles on request. So was put the Consilium's area of competence into words in its foundation document dated 14 april 1945.

Our Mission

The Consilium sets its sights on promoting development and study of philately. To this end it works closely with the Federation of Swiss Philatelic Societies, the Union of Swiss Philatelic Trade, the Swiss Association of Philatelic Experts, the Foundation for Development of Philately, the Swiss Post company, the Museum of Communication and scientific organisations.
For this purpose it advises and provides to associations and professional structures its members' experience and knowledge however without interfering into partner organisations activities.

The Consilium may also hold meetings, encourage edition and distribution of philatelic works and support cultural, technical and scientific research linked to philately.

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